My Experience of interview with Google


One fine morning (23 August 2016), I was checking my mails. One mail caught for my attention, which was having subject “Hello from Google”. I was confused, what is that ? As soon as I read few initial words, I thought it is another rejection mail, just like I got before from others. After reading the complete mail, I was a bit surprised and wasn’t able to believe it. It was interview call from google, Sydney for SDE role.

Out of the blue, my resume got shortlisted :P

(Flash back: I applied for this role through their career page on 3 august, 2016).

The recruiter asked me to send my college transcripts. After that, she asked me for time availability for phone screening interview.

It was 7 o’ clock in morning, and I was waiting for her call. And suddenly my phone rang.

“Hello, is it Mintoo? I am ***** from google, Sydney.”

Australian accent is not that easy to understand. Sometimes the situation was really awkward and embarrassing as I was not able to understand, what just she said. Any how the interview went well. She asked basic data structures and algorithms question based on

After few days, I got another mail. It was invitation for phone interview. It was a fixed format interview of 45 minutes, I was supposed to write code on shared google doc during the interview. Two questions based on graph and 2D matrix were asked. Interview went average, not good or not bad.

After few days, I got another mail. They asked me for another phone interview (Generally, there is only one phone interview, but sometimes they can’t decide in one interview). This interview was relatively easier than previous one. I was asked three question based on linked list, sorting and stack.

After few days, I got invitation for on-site interviews at Google office in Hyderabad.


The best thing about google is, they are very caring :) they sponsored my whole travel and stay.

 For the first time, I travelled in flight and stayed in 5 star hotel (yeaaaa…). The hotel was really amazing, and there was hardly any Indian guest, most of them were foreigners.


[First Flight :P]


The D-day (10 October 2016),

I woke up early morning, got ready and went to food area for breakfast. The food was amazing. Soon the driver came to pick me and we reached google Hyderabad office. I reached earlier and after waiting for a while the HR came. She introduced herself, and gave me a chrome-book to be used in interview, then we moved to interview room. It was a small cabin consisting of table, chairs, white board and a Big TV.


[Google , Hyderabad Office]


My First interview started around 10.00 am.  I gave back to back three interviews before lunch and two interviews after lunch. First two interviews held through video conferencing with software engineers from Google Sydney office. Rest of three interviews were taken by software engineers from Hyderabad office itself. During lunch time, a software engineer took to me canteen area. The canteen area was amazingly beautiful and food was awesome.

Each interview lasted for 45 minutes or more. During my interviews, I was asked question from string manipulation, DFS/BFS, system design, Ad-hoc, Range queries, Binary search, etc.In each interview round, I was asked to write code on shared google Doc.Interviews went well.

On the same day after interviews, i returned back to Delhi.


Exactly 1 week after final interviews,

In the morning, I was on my way from hostel to class room. My phone rang. I recognized the number. It was call from google. And I realized the final verdict is about to come.

“Hello, is it Mintoo?.....”

Finally I knew the result. My class mate, going with me, had no idea what just happened on call. We attended the AI class like nothing happened.


Hello, is it Mintoo?

Yes, I am.

Hi, Mintoo. I am ***** from google, Sydney.

I skipped a heartbeat when I heard the word “unfortunately”, I don’t remember what other things she said. I was rejected L .


Although I was rejected, but it was amazing experience of interview with Google.